A summer day

Did you see my pics and the movie of my vacation? I went yachting, and the rays of sun caressed me so much I just had the urge to rub my clit and finger myself. It was such a hot day that i really had to satisfy myself right there on the deck. I got so much into it I also fisted myself. Click here to see it all documented! :) MORE

Horny boss

Hope went to her boss because the clock in her office stopped so needed a new one. But every time she sees her boss she becomes horny. When he asked her what she wanted she said “I’m here for a cock”. She accidently said cock instead of clock, but she couldn’t explain. Her boss knew it wasn’t by accident, so gave her what she truly went for! He fucked her hungry pussy in no time! PLAY VIDEOS

Heating it up!

Sophie has a really hot girlfriend, Tracy who has a really amazing body and is a hot blonde just like her! So Sophie and Tracy sometimes like to get into sexy black lingerie and heat up the living room. It gets so hot in there that they really don't need to use the fireplace, these girls with their steaming hot bodies and even steamier pussy licking satisfaction giving play get it hot like a sauna! PLAY VIDEOS

All girls party

Jo didn't really wanted to join that all-girls party held at the local gay&lesbian bar. But luckily she did not stay at home; else she would have never met this sizzling sexy blonde called Kathia. The two soon headed to a private room to get to know each other more, but soon ended up on the couch, fucking each other wildly! Hmmm, pure lesbian lust! PLAY VIDEOS

Teaching Shanis

The fiery redhead Shanis is an excellent student when it comes to fisting, that is out of question. The fist of her devoted teacher Nikky drills in and out in her hot, wide asshole, while the dutiful assistant Bruno and his pocket rocket makes the redhead's pussy flood with juices. Join this splendid ass fisting, cock sucking, pussy flooding class till the satisfying finale. PAY VIDEO

Nikki Nievez - Oral Quickies

For Nikki, is is all about cocks. She can't get enough of them. Luckily for her, we have numerous willing studs around and they are more than willing to borrow their big jocks for the purpose. Nikki's mouth and throat is fucked by erect, throbbing cocks, one after the other till her mouth is flooding in cum. A presentation of oral skills you don't want to miss! PLAY VIDEO

Give Me A Shot, Bartender! Britney Cum

Brit was visiting her friend in Anaheim, and as she was getting a private tour of her friend's pad, Brit's eye couldn't help but catch the bar laden with drinks. Asking her friend if he knew how to mix drinks, he boasted of a number of alcoholic beverages he had mastered. Smiling wryly, Brit asked him if he knew the famous “Cum Shot.” Scratching his head, he admitted that he hadn't and asked Brit to demonstrate how it was done. Stripping him off his pants, she began sucking on his cock till she got a mouthful of cum! Grabbing a nearby shot glass, she dribbled cum mixed with spit and showed off her mixing skills!

Ecstatic Cocksucker, Britney Cum

Brit just went five days without a cock in her mouth, the longest she's ever had without one! Showing signs of withdrawal and depression, she knew that there was only one cure – to find a cock and put it in her mouth as soon as possible! Finding the most convenient guy she could, she brought him back to her place, and scarcely before they were able to bathe, she had his cock in her mouth with a look of pure ecstasy! Check out CumTrainer for the best collection of cocksucks in town! Wanna see Brit eat a load of cum? Then visit CumTrainer now!

Coffee And Cream, Britney Cum

Britney was stressed out at work, when her man offered to take her on a coffee break. Smiling, she accepted the warm mug of coffee, then said, “It lacks cream, honey.” Saying that there wasn't any cream in the cupboards, Brit smiled and said, “Then you'd just have to give me your own then!” Sucking on his dick and tugging till it came, she caught the jizz in her coffee and enjoyed her coffee with fresh cream! Check out CumTrainer for the best collection of cum-eating vids in town! Wanna see Brit eat loads of cum? Then visit CumTrainer now!

Cry of Victory! Britney Cum

Brit has faced her toughest challenge to date – a cock that takes over two hours to cum! Meeting a guy at a bar, he boasted to Brit that he could hold his load in for extremely long periods of time, thereby satisfying a woman's sexual needs. He kept this up all night to the point that Brit got irked, and decided to call his bluff. Taking him back to her place, she did all her usual techniques – cocksucking, fucking, taking it up the ass – but in the span of an hour and a half, she still wasn't able to make him cum! Striking a deal – that she'd be his fuck buddy for a week if he came before she passed out from exhaustion, cum suddenly exploded all over Brit's face as she held the cock, and cried out in triumph! She'll still have to keep her end of the bargain though! CLICK HERE FOR FREE VIDEOS

Hoops HD

I almost lost an ear shoting this video. Seriously, never allow someone to throat fuck you when he's holding on to your earrings. It sounded like a fun idea but I hurt myself in the first minute so we had to start over again and slow down a little. Great cum eating finish involving a saucer at the end. SEE MORE

Miami Sperm Cocktail HD

This is my second "cum drinking from a bottle" video and probably one of the more disgusting things you'll see in a while. If you've ever wondered what happens to semen if you mix it with coke or pepsi, you're about to find out. I did drink it though, cum sucking pro that I am... SEE MORE

Five cum loads

I just added this high-quality version of this 5 loads cumeating/-drinking extravaganza to the archives. Of all the holiday specials this is the one that makes the others pale in comparison. Seriously. Don't you just love the DRAMA at the end where I'm having a hard time finishing what I started? I found out the hard way that as a professional cum slut you can't afford to have a weak stomach - No question about it, a true classic.

Bar Fly

I'm the bar maid of your dreams. Don't believe me? Then check out this movie. I'll pour you a stiff drink, suck on your balls, deep throat your cock, have you fuck me bent over the barstool and then – if you want me to – I'll drink your cum out of a shot glass with a smile on my face. No need to leave a tip though. I just want you to cum by again sometime. That miniskirt and knee high stockings outfit was so hot and the tie between my tits is just perfect.

Cumtini shaken not stirred

Ok, here's what happens: A guy sprays a good-sized load of cum right on my pussy where it dribbles down over my pussy lips into a martini glass. I then wipe my clitoris and snatch clean with the edge of the cocktail glass and end up having a freshly shaken Cumtini. I down the whole thing in one big gulp. Any questions? If you want to try mixing this cocktail with your girlfriend remember that ice and lemons are optional.

Ass-to-mouth & cum funnel

Before we shot this movie we had a long discussion about how we could do something "new" in the next shoot and we simply couldn't come up with any innovative weird cum-eating variation we hadn't already tried. So we simply decided on doing a more extreme scene that would incorporate lots of different stuff. What we ended up with was a great ATM movie with a cum-through-funnel finale and something else I have never tried before. You'll see what I mean right at the beginning of the clip.

Cum straight up with a twist

The shot I enjoyed doing the most in this video was the one where I'm on my back getting throat-fucked and I have the guy's balls dangling over my eyes and squashing my nose. Fantastic boob shot too, once the camera starts moving to a wider angle. The reason I had my tongue out while he squirted into the glass was that I could taste the semen right away and was still able to do the whole "drinking from a glass" routine.


Take one mirror and you get some pretty interesting shots. Take two mirrors and you get the video equivalent of an Escher drawing. Nobody has a clue where to look or point the camera. Considering the confusion it's surprising that this turned out to be one of the hottest scenes I've done all year.


It was unbelievably hot that day and the mosquitoes were eating me alive. There's some really good "balls to the lips" deep throat action in the middle of this outdoors scene and a pretty weird but interesting cum eating shot (involving a pair of jizz drenched sunglasses) at the end. Check it out.

Miami Sperm Cocktail

This is my second "cum drinking from a bottle" video and probably one of the more disgusting things you'll see in a while. If you've ever wondered what happens to semen if you mix it with coke or pepsi, you're about to find out. I did drink it though, cum sucking pro that I am...